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I am a poetess, novelist, and essayist. An independent author and publisher, I write a variety of fiction transcending the boundaries of genre and convention, from things Gothic and romantic, to westerns, urban fantasy, crime stories, Noir, and occasionally, horror. My poetry ranges from the lyrical and rhyming, to free form and abstract verse. I knows a few things about rabbit holes, and making up words. I’ve been writing stories and poems all my life.

I believe in and advocate personal and individual privacy, freedom, and respect. I think people need their hope, faith, dreams, their heroes, intact. I think we are capable of creating beautiful worlds. I believe in the redemptive, restorative, power of literature, of fiction, and poetry, in the value of storytelling.

In addition to my own books, my work has been published with Thunderdome, Juked, Solarcide, Phantasmagorium, Punchnel’s, Out of the Gutter Online, and included in several anthologies.

I make my home in California with my husband, listening to the lullaby of the trains rumbling through in the distance.



 Biography, for those publications ~

Teri Skultety writes a variety of fiction transcending the boundaries of genre and convention.  Teri is also a poetess. She makes her home in California with her husband. In addition to her own books, her work has been published here and there on the web and included in several anthologies.
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