teri skultety

Teri Skultety is a poetess, essayist, and novelist. Her poetry varies in style from the confessional, the lyrical and rhyming, to free-from and abstract verse. She writes a variety of fiction with a preference for writing Noir.

A Southern California native, Teri spent some of her early years living in the suburbs of Dallas, and within blocks of downtown Portland, where she also lived across the street from a drive-in movie theater for a while. These days, Teri makes her home in California’s San Joaquin Valley with her husband, listening to glasspacks roar into summer nights, something howling in the cold, moonlit-fog, and the lullaby of trains rumbling through in the distance.

In addition to her own books, Teri’s work has been included in anthologies and published on the web with Juked, Thunderdome, Solarcide, Phantasmagorium, Punchnel’s, SYWzine, Out of the Gutter Online, and The Society of Classical Poets.


I write to dream. I write to understand.
I write to rid myself of the poison. ~ Teri Skultety



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Teri Skultety writes a variety of poetry and fiction transcending the boundaries of genre and convention. In addition to her own books, Teri’s work has been published with various webzines and included in several anthologies. Teri makes her home in California with her husband.