Quotes from yours truly.
Vanity of vanities, quoting one’s self.
I do love a good quote.




“When the dust settles, after the crowds have gone home, looking at the scoreboard won’t always tell you who won.” – Teri Skultety


“Each of us lives in a glass house a stone’s throw away from being shattered.” – Teri Skultety


“Total success is sometimes a much bigger monster than complete failure, especially if you believe in either of those as absolutes.” – Teri Skultety



“In some moment, when you least expect it, you will cease to be the expectations, the perceptions, the influence or idea, of any other soul on earth. In some quiet hour, you will know yourself for the first time completely as you’ve always existed, you will know what and who you are and be only yourself forever after.” – Teri Skultety


“An original combination of words rings a bell that can never be unheard. Though it is often unrecognized as such until repeated, for what in the world hasn’t been said.” – Teri Skultety


“You cannot transform until you learn to transcend all the things that are attempting to hold you back.” – Teri Skultety


“The adoration of leeches only lasts as long as the blood.” – Teri Skultety





“The woman I was before today, there is no way back to her. As dark as night was she? As bright as the moon? Whatever she was, I know she was hard to let go of. I had to let go of who I was, to be the woman I am, here and now. The path is forward, becoming is ever ongoing.” – Teri Skultety


“Love plunges those consumed in longing for their beloved, into a depth unimagined by those who think the heart beats as a mechanism fueled by anything other than passion. Love saves that same soul.” – Teri Skultety






“When there isn’t a storm, there’s one coming. Enjoy the calm. Learn to write in a hurricane.” – Teri Skultety

“Be phenomenal, extraordinary, remarkable, resilient, exceptional, be amazing. Be interesting. Claim yourself. Get up. Go on.” – Teri Skultety

“I wouldn’t wish being a writer on anyone,
yet there isn’t anything I’d rather be.”ย  -Teri Skultety


There was bound to be something worth keeping.