Things You’ll Need Here…

The following items may be helpful to readers of my webpage, before entering The Parlor.Β  I provide this list as a somewhat humorous aside and a courtesy. I’m thoughtful that way.

A brain, a mind, preferably one in good working order. Preferably one still capable of objective thought, critical thinking, learning new things, etc. A brain that fully comprehends the difference between feelings and facts. One that is not in the habit of merely parroting all that goes on around it, but rather capable of independent thought. One capable of seriously considering this thought, “I could be wrong.” A brain with a healthy respect for that which is not known. If you don’t have a brain, please, stop reading my webpage here.



A heart, the ability to empathize, to sympathize, the ability to take feelings into consideration when dealing with the facts. The ability to use your heart in conjunction with your mind to separate the wheat from the chaff. To winnow, in certain instances, so that one may arrive at what is important, and disregard what isn’t. A heart that is smart enough to know that all that it feels isn’t necessarily factual, and that’s okay, that’s part of what hearts are for. One that understands courtesy and decency, if your friend has spinach in their teeth, that’s a fact, however perhaps it is one best whispered to them quietly. That’s an oversimplification. If you’ve not a heart, we can’t go on together like this.



Perspective. This point cannot be emphasized enough. Reading anything is an at will situation, in most cases, in this free, modern, world, in which this point is in reference to. I believe in freedom and respect, part of that includes my right to be free, and your right to be free, and also, our right to be free, to exist freely, from one another, if we so choose. Not to be snotty, because I promise you I’m not, but this is my webpage, if you find it not to be your cup of tea, simply move on, like an adult. Find something that suits you. If you don’t like the food in a restaurant, do you keep going back there to eat? If you don’t like horror novels, do you force yourself to read Stephen King? Politely, if you don’t like the way I do things, feel free to mind your own business. And, have a lovely day. That’s a good rule for a lot of things.





Philosophy. A philosophy, some philosophy. “Never complain. Never explain.” isn’t a bad one, though “never” may be something of an exaggeration it is, none the less, I think, a good philosophy to attempt to employ. Keeping in mind that “Complaining is not conversation.” ~James Victore. Also this, “Be pretty if you can, be witty if you must, but be gracious if it kills you.” ~Elsie De Wolfe, that’s kind of along the lines of “Never let them see you sweat.” As I always say, Get up. Go on. So, a philosophy can also be something of a motto, but, you get the idea. Have a philosophy, have some philosophy. It’s completely a priceless thing to have on hand, when all else seems to fail. ( As is prayer, but, that’s just my opinion.)




Common sense. If I have to explain to you what common sense is, well, then… never mind.










An understanding. Respect. Courtesy. Decency. I could go on at length here but I’m not going to. The internet has seemingly opened a floodgate to a multitude of things that aren’t cool. If you’ve read every book, every word, that Danielle Steel has ever written, or Stephen King, or Anne Rice, or JK Rowling, does that give you some right to them, to their words, to more of their words, or to them as people? Even if you sat next to them in the first grade? The answer to these particular questions is NO. If you can comprehend that, then you understand.




A sense of humor. This one can be somewhat challenging as humor is pretty subjective. What one person finds to be completely hilarious, another person might find to be totally offensive and not funny at all. Personally, my experience has often been that people have thought I was joking when I was completely serious and vice versa. I try to stay away from making jokes about people’s shortcomings/infirmities ( none of us is perfect), and what I call, “No but your face is.” humor. “Does your face hurt, because it’s killing me” is a person who wants to wear a shirt that reads “Unclever Asshole.” Some things are funny in the movies, but not so much in life. I guess… we’re winging it on this one…Β  Perhaps, keep this in mind, time and circumstance happen to us all. If in doubt, err on the side of caution… or… yeah, we’re winging it on this one.






Ladies and Gentlemen. Another area in regard to which I could go on at length, simply, to approach subjects, and people, with an idea in mind to employ one’s best behavior whenever possible, as a reflection of one’s own character. And, keep in mind, each of us makes mistakes, now and then. ( “Be nice.” ~ Road House )

Thank you for visiting my webpage, I appreciate your time. TS