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Carried Away

Carried Away   Waiting for the carriage The Pumpkin Coach of Nod to the land thatโ€™s ever sleeping the Spring in its facade in cloaks and robes of Winter when we are children, laugh and sing, for we donโ€™t know what is coming and we think it is the Spring as weโ€™re caroling through the… Continue reading Carried Away

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The New Book: Magdalene Aubergine

We barely broke eighty degrees here today. There are still some ninety-degree temperatures predicted into the middle of the month, but today Summer officially began to fade. It was windy the first part of the day, settling into a nice breeze this evening. The night air is noticeably cooler, Autumn is set to arrive.  I've… Continue reading The New Book: Magdalene Aubergine

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Keep These Sacred Cows

Keep these sacred cows, for meat, for milk, for skins, for leather jackets on a Saturday night, for cowboy boots, for moccasins, for baby shoes, and bucket seats. Keep these sacred cows, these holy hamburgers to be, for mating with bulls, so we can have, the life-sustaining cows, perpetually. Not to mention the great shrine… Continue reading Keep These Sacred Cows