Love Letters.

  The wanting of words let loose, wrapped around and back again, trailing into one another, not poetry but poetically realistic, to say, my toes are cold, I want to wear your socks, lay down next to you, feel your palm cool against this fever. Agony, wanting to be with you, in love, every day, … Continue reading Love Letters.


Wolf If I gave in and crumbled, tumbled down like night falling into your arms, would you catch me and put the stars back in the sky? What if I am not as strong as you would want me to be? I’m not interested in being twisted by a dare. I’m afraid to care too … Continue reading Wolf


Neck arched, head to the Heavens, eyes to the sky, arms outstretched, ready to fly, The rattle that had been the death of the last breath climbing Steady, Up the sturdy thighs, Through the curve of the pelvis, Rolling thunder. The small of her back, Up a slightly crooked spine, So divine, Tingling in between, … Continue reading Thelxiepeia.


Night is falling. The light changing. Electric evening blue sliding through the trees shadowed in that way again. The way that I remember. It doesn’t matter if it is real or not. I’ll let beauty dictate dreams and wash my feet in streams of consciousness and bliss. I don’t deny anything only, what does it … Continue reading Night