In addition to my books, my work has been published with these publishers and zines.

Previous Publications…2011- Present

Room 3327 at Solarcide

The Clean House, at Out of the Gutter Online

Anthology, Solarcidal Tendencies, story, THE LOVE,  with an introduction by author Richard

Anthology, Terror Train, story, The Juliet Express, also includes a contribution by author William F. Nolan, co-author of the sci-fi classic, Logan’s Run.

Anthology, Flash Me! The Sinthology, story, Maybe, Independent Anthology from Solarcide

Strange Comfort, at Punchnel’s

Satisfaction, story originally published at Phantasmagorium, republished Solaricide

Perfectly Balanced, at Solarcide

Antares Lariat, at Juked

I Am Gypsy, At Thunderdome




Previously published,   

The Need

Second Honeymoon 

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