The Truth About Global Warming

It's about greed and money and power. I think, all scientists should be skeptics. I think, the nature of the job demands it. Greenland used to be green, now it's covered in ice. Iceland used to be covered in ice, but now it's green. Human beings had nothing to do with those changes. The dinosaurs... Continue Reading →


I have a few legitimate, common sense, questions about the proposed "Green New Deal" being fronted by some politicians. As I understand it, the "Green New Deal" would call for the elimination of the use of all fossil fuels within ten years. That's your car. My husband drives a truck for a living, delivering groceries.Most... Continue Reading →

Cover Design

The proofs for the new book arrived. The cover isn't quite as it should be. It should look like this, front and back ... but it looked like this... Suffice it to say that the cover creator Kindle Direct has set up isn't exactly all that and a bag of chips. Not too sure what... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Vanity

The next book, the new book, Covenants of Lingering Bones, will be available soon. After much rigmarole, going so far as to set up the book on another publishing platform, to really check it out, I've decided to stick with Amazon/KDP publishing. It got down to some things in the fine print, publishing costs, and... Continue Reading →

Ahead of the Curve

Here's an article/interview in GQ about why we'll look at our smart phones like cigarettes and tech backlash is about to go mainstream. Link. Just a few days ago, I made that comparison myself, saying that twitter had become my new cigarette. It's been said that I'm "old fashioned", or even "out of touch", on... Continue Reading →


I'll tell you what optimism is, in a world where a fake issue of a real newspaper was distributed by activists, and went viral, and where the media got it wrong again, because they didn't check the facts, or get the complete story, before they ran with it, I realized I'd renewed subscriptions to a... Continue Reading →

Free Your Mind

Where to begin? The organizing and cleaning is going well, as pictured. I even managed to empty a drawer. That means I'll soon be able to get more stuff, to put in the empty drawer. But, I want to talk about some other things, of an ever so slightly more serious nature. This is what... Continue Reading →

Day Four, Sans Twitter

Today is day four sans Twitter. Do I miss it? Yes. Presently, as in right at this moment, very much. I was just listening to a great, old, song, and the urge was to post it up, share the cool jam. I miss things like that. Not being on there, I've realized what a habit... Continue Reading →

The People in The Towns…

Because, throughout the world, the needs, and wants, of the people in the towns and the suburbs, are not the same as those of the people in the cities.... "One illustration of this cultural divide is that most modern, progressive social movements and protests are quickly endorsed by celebrities, actors, the media and the intellectuals.... Continue Reading →

Enjoy Every Good Thing

Okay, two weeks into the new year, I have deleted my twitter account and, I won't be back on there. I was trying to think of it as a "necessary evil," but the truth is, it isn't necessary. It is the Tower of Babel. The more I thought about it, the more I realized it... Continue Reading →

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