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Midnight at the Starlight Deluxe

The Starlight Deluxe is a diner, the one where your favorite waitress works graveyard. They make the best burgers and fries. The jukebox is playing that one song you can never get out of your head. It’s where you met the first time. It’s where you went after. They still have a smoking section, a cigarette machine, a payphone, a lounge. The clock on the wall is right twice a day. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Flash fiction, short stories, variations on a theme. Adult language. Mature audiences.
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Covenants of Lingering Bones

Masquerading in the steady winds of the Autumn night, Bonnie is sure she’s seen a monster. Alice Monaghan has been entrusted with a secret, the viridescent mist is keeping one too. Something lurks in the grass, by the light of the Scorpio Moon, while Pauline walks the cemetery, row after row, each day. Sandy Jefferson has seen a UFO, but she can’t find her husband. Lon was unfaithful, again. McCall wants to save his friend from a myth. Kathy and Jeff want to run away. Sasha is upstairs asleep. Sevilla is tired of being at home with Arlene. Jilly remembers a day at the beach.
One haunting poem. Twelve tales of the macabre.
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Maybelline Raven and The Wolf, Novella

The year is 1762.
Maybelline Raven is waiting patiently along the banks of the Mississippi River for the return of her husband so they may venture north, with their children. When the people of the village begin to perish after Maybelline is attacked, it is feared that a wolf is in their midst. As Maybelline takes flight, rumors of witchcraft swirl around her, and the horrors of their past threaten to obtrude upon the present. Will she be able to get her family to safety? Or will they succumb to the dangers of the waters further south and the Atchafalaya?

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THE SLICK FURIES, The Vampire Novel

Talessia Sinclair works for The Aeternus Fidei Research and Development Center in the quiet City of New Faith, as a criminal profiler. Her last case left her sitting behind a desk, filing papers, for the mysterious Tom Lassiter.

Now she must return to the hunt, with her new partner, the no-nonsense, Agent Finn Treadwell, to catch a vicious serial killer. However, this serial killer is different, this serial killer is a Vampire!

The Slick Furies is a pulp-horror roller coaster ride firmly anchored in the modern world with roots trailing back to Sixteenth-Century France and beyond. Call it Vampire Noir, with a sense of humor, this book never pretends to be something it isn’t. Classic Horror, with deeper themes of transformation and love, The Slick Furies will leave you hoping for another bite!

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The stories of GRAIN weave a soliloquy or haunted dreams, presented in emotionally intimate vignettes and moments glimpsed of the before and after of certain life-changing events, the frailty of being human, of love, hope, and longing, of trying to escape monsters, and get home, in one piece.Β  How many things have you left buried at the bottom of a pool?

You may read some of the previously published stories that appear in GRAIN,
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Loralee, The Novella

From the outside looking in, former beauty queen Loralee Montgomery has everything she ever dreamed of, a sprawling Texas ranch, two grown kids, and a wealthy husband. But when greed sinks its clutches deep into the soul of a man, there’s no telling what he might do to keep what is his, or take what isn’t. When love draws a woman out of herself into giving away her heart, there’s no telling what she might do if betrayed.

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