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Echo in the Canyon

  https://youtu.be/N-aK6JnyFmk I'm about to put the page numbers to the table of contents on the book, completing work on the interior of the manuscript. After that, I've just got to get the cover design situated. As I've taken breaks from editing, I've been watching a documentary, "Echo in the Canyon," on Netflix about the… Continue reading Echo in the Canyon

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So, after a whirlwind autumn season, I'm finding myself distracted. Luckily, I know what I need to do to correct the situation. I'm also having a moment of feeling like there are so many things I want to say about so many things, and yet I know none of them would be useful. There's a… Continue reading Mermaids

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The Coca Cola Communist

The Coca Cola drinking communist thinks I look ridiculous. He is wearing black high top sneakers, that retail at one hundred and forty dollars. He says they last longer, than cheap canvas tennis shoes. He is wearing a black hoodie, with a label on it, from some designer, he says he doesn't care about that… Continue reading The Coca Cola Communist

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I just found so many mistakes in a manuscript that I already corrected and published, that it's making my head spin. I'm a good writer. My grammar skills are average. But I've got to step it up in the proof-reading department. It's sloppy. In one sentence I found the words "Shup up" instead of "Shut… Continue reading Gremlins

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When Half-Gods Go

Here we are, can you believe it, going into September. Where does the time go? I'm still reading Carl Sandburg's big book of Abraham Lincoln. I've no words adequate to do it justice. There is no doubt that the United States would not still exist, our Constitution would not have been preserved, were it not… Continue reading When Half-Gods Go

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Keep These Sacred Cows

Keep these sacred cows, for meat, for milk, for skins, for leather jackets on a Saturday night, for cowboy boots, for moccasins, for baby shoes, and bucket seats. Keep these sacred cows, these holy hamburgers to be, for mating with bulls, so we can have, the life-sustaining cows, perpetually. Not to mention the great shrine… Continue reading Keep These Sacred Cows