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Magdalene Aubergine is Alive!

Magdalene Aubergine is now available for purchase. One of the pieces in the book is "Spaghetti Jesus," a ramble the title of which was prompted by a billboard that I could see from my bedroom window for a while a long time ago. At the time I remember thinking, "That looks like... Nah. You're slippin'… Continue reading Magdalene Aubergine is Alive!

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Motel Chronicles, Sam Shepard

"Motel Chronicles" is a collection of fiction, personal recollections, and poetry, by Sam Shepard. Written with a sparse, clean, direct, style, though not without Shepard's trademark thinking man's approach, I found these pieces to be compelling and a much-needed respite from the noise of the overly talkative world. I would call these pieces stark, and… Continue reading Motel Chronicles, Sam Shepard

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do you remember what you dreamed of before they tried to break the world? I do. and it wasn't and it isn't anything they think it is. can you find that place inside yourself inside your dreams again? I have.

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So, after a whirlwind autumn season, I'm finding myself distracted. Luckily, I know what I need to do to correct the situation. I'm also having a moment of feeling like there are so many things I want to say about so many things, and yet I know none of them would be useful. There's a… Continue reading Mermaids

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A Subtle Shift in the Light

There are, I believe, pivotal moments in every life. This idea is one that has been much explored in literature, philosophy, art. What a blessing it is, I think, to be gifted with self-awareness in such moments, to be able to feel the subtle shift in the energy of the universe. Of course, sometimes that… Continue reading A Subtle Shift in the Light

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I just found so many mistakes in a manuscript that I already corrected and published, that it's making my head spin. I'm a good writer. My grammar skills are average. But I've got to step it up in the proof-reading department. It's sloppy. In one sentence I found the words "Shup up" instead of "Shut… Continue reading Gremlins