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Motel Chronicles, Sam Shepard

"Motel Chronicles" is a collection of fiction, personal recollections, and poetry, by Sam Shepard. Written with a sparse, clean, direct, style, though not without Shepard's trademark thinking man's approach, I found these pieces to be compelling and a much-needed respite from the noise of the overly talkative world. I would call these pieces stark, and… Continue reading Motel Chronicles, Sam Shepard

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Danielle Steel

Here's a great write up/interview of author Danielle Steel at Glamour mag. How has Steel written 179 books? She writes/works twenty to twenty-two hours a day. If that sounds like b.s. to you, you might not be a writer, or at least not one who knows what it's like to lose yourself in the story,… Continue reading Danielle Steel

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Clean Water

So, I wouldn't call myself an "environmentalist" unless home decorating counts. I think we've got some serious issues with regard to refuse, litter, polluting our waterways and thus, our water. I'm one of those people who believes that the planet is actually "greening" and greener, that is, that there is more vegetation, more green forest… Continue reading Clean Water

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Mr. Mercury

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kijpcUv-b8M The other day someone shared this great quote from Freddie Mercury that really spoke to me. I've found several versions of the quote.         What that means is that what he meant when he wrote whatever it was, and what the listener/reader gets out of it or interprets it as, may… Continue reading Mr. Mercury

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Just Kids, Patti Smith

I loved this memoir from Patti Smith of her early years in New York with Robert Mapplethorpe. Some of the subject matter won't be everyone's cup of tea, the title doesn't reveal that this is a book for adults, and it is very gritty in places. If you are unfamiliar with who Robert Mapplethorpe was… Continue reading Just Kids, Patti Smith

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April is National Poetry Month

So, I am a poetess And I knowitess. April is National Poetry Month. Here is a link to poets.org, if you are interested, you can check that out. Rarely have I discussed my favorite poets. Some of that is because it has been very personal to me, and some of it is because if you… Continue reading April is National Poetry Month