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Cheyenne Madonna, by Eddie Chuculate

     Eddie Chuculate’s descriptive prose reads like the view of the most brilliant landscape painting, the words providing a stark portrait in contrasts in some areas while melding into the delicacy required of a watercolor brush in others, whether the scenery be that of an actual landscape, the rolling countryside of Oklahoma, or simply the interior landscape of an adolescent

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Stanyan Street.

There’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of Rod McKuen, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Rod McKuen and just don’t know that you have, yet. A prolific poet and composer, credited with more than two hundred albums and more than thirty collections of poetry, including work in prominent films and the music industry, earning an Oscar

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Solarcidal Tendencies.

This hasn’t been a bad week. Out now from the wonderful editors at Solarcide, Martin Garrity and Nathan Pettigrew, SOLARCIDAL TENDENCIES , the best of, so far! This is a unique collection of stories from some of today’s brightest authors on the rise. I am so very pleased to have my story THE LOVE included in this collection. As I’ve

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All Aboard! Terror Train!

All aboard for a ride through the pages of “Terror Train.” This anthology from James Ward Kirk Fiction, edited by Krista Clark-Grabowski and A. Henry Keene, is careening down the tracks with enough action packed thrills and chills to keep readers spellbound from start to finish, including the story, “Lonely Train a Comin’ ” by author William F. Nolan! Inspired

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Journeys End in Lovers Meeting; The Haunting of Hill House.

With “The Haunting of Hill House,” Shirley Jackson is often credited with having set the standard for Gothic haunted house stories and rightly so. Dr. Montague, with a questionably morbid curiosity that readers of the genre have come to take for granted in its necessity for creating the backbone of why any of the characters are there, wants to investigate

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(Spoilers throughout, though most of you know this story.) GATSBY. Gatsby? Gatsby. I’ve stayed away from the subject of Gatsby for some years because I simply couldn’t deal with it. Gatsby made me infinitely angry at F. Scott Fitzgerald.  A romantic at heart, (what I used to call a ‘romantic realist’) frequently perturbed at the intrusion of those brutes who

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