An original combination of words rings a bell that can never be unheard. Though often unrecognized as such until repeated, for what in this world hasn’t been said? ~  Teri Skultety


It bled out, it folded,it fellthey clamored over the wreckageto where it was at the edge of the wellfrom where he’d been drawing from her waterfor longer than anyone knewtheir laughter an echo behind herthey laughed the way school girls… Read More ›


     One of my stories, “Satisfaction” was featured at Phantasmagorium as the Weekly Offering.While that time has passed, the stories that go up in this section at Phantasmagorium tend to be pretty fantastic, so if you like this sort of reading,… Read More ›

Second Honeymoon

 Originally published at Slit Your Wrists Zine, republished at Revolt Daily  Second Honeymoon “I thought that they would recognize it right away. You would. The fraudulent atmospheric rhetoric and subsequent esoteric ramblings on the cosmic distortions of mankind as shot… Read More ›