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ย  ย  “I came to America in 1914, by way of Philadelphia. That’s where I got off the boat. And then I came to Baltimore. It was the most beautiful place you ever seen in your life. There were lights everywhere! What lights they had! It was a […]


An original combination of words rings a bell that can never be unheard. Though often unrecognized as such until repeated, for what in this world hasn’t been said? ~ย  Teri Skultety

Quoting Anais Nin

โ€œWhy one writes is a question I can answer easily, having so often asked it of myself. I believe one writes because one has to create a world in which one can live. I could not live in any of the worlds offered to me โ€” the world […]

the heart beats

I’ve been to hell, and it was here on earth. I’ve been to heaven, and it was here on earth. And there is far worse. And there is far better. And that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a Hell,And that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a Heaven. We […]

My Roots.

My roots were deeper than the roots of any other tree My roots were deeper than the roots that anyone could see My roots were deeper than the roots and I waited patiently For him to come and sit with me If only for a spell To bring […]

Quoting Carl Jung

“We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the Season, in which we are born.” ~ Carl Jung


It bled out, it folded,it fellthey clamored over the wreckageto where it was at the edge of the wellfrom where he’d been drawing from her waterfor longer than anyone knewtheir laughter an echo behind herthey laughed the way school girls doand still she wandered and wonderedat what might […]

A Lovely View

Should I be sorryhaving loved at all?That I’ve loved you?that I still do.I’ll tell you what,you be youand I’ll be meand we’ll see,what happens in this here world.We can circle one anotherwith all the respectthat only two such dangerouscreatures can give.I know what you could doif you really […]

Dear Lover.

Why should we pretend we are not devastated? These lives, these loves, the lovers into friends, and friends, into lovers? Why should we pretend our passions do not drive us to distraction? Because these pretensions are the foundations of the world. What is the world, that we cannot […]


ย  ย  ย One of my stories, “Satisfaction” was featured atย Phantasmagoriumย as the Weekly Offering.While that time has passed, the stories that go up in this section at Phantasmagorium tend to be pretty fantastic, so if you like this sort of reading, it’s worth putting on your regular surfing queue, […]

Before the Harvest.

ย  My favorite time of year, from about now until the first of each New Year. ย  As the Autumnal Equinox approaches once again, and the Harvest Moon,ย we used to simply call it, Fall. These photos are from a few years ago, though I remember that day as […]