End of the Summer Stuff

It is the end of the Summer. I’ve been doing end of the Summer stuff. I don’t feel like talking about writing but, I will say that I noticed, as I was working on something, that I was essentially writing the same story over and over again. I noticed this […]


August is the last month of Summer. August, however, has always felt to me like it ought to really be the beginning of Autumn. Perhaps it is simply in the sound of the word, August. August, to me, feels like colors faded in the sun. It feels like miles of […]

Letting Go of the Tiger’s Tail

If you’ve got the tiger by the tail, then doesn’t the tiger have you as well? I thought something was hanging onto me, that I couldn’t shake loose. That could be, but it could also be that I was holding onto whatever it was.ย  So, I’m going to let go […]