One November, I Published Two Books

I’ve worked hard the last couple of years to get some books published, I’m thinking of them as there were “the first five,” and now there is “the magnificent seven.” I also have stories in three print anthologies, and I’m going to get those linked up with cover pictures, as […]

The Slick Furies.

I’m super tired. Is that the best time to write a blog post? Hopefully this won’t be too rambling. I have surpassed the sixty thousand word mark on the edits/re-write of the vampire novel. I have approximately sixty-six pages of the original text, about twenty thousand words, to finish, knowing […]


You tempt me with the words of others while it takes my every effort, every waking moment, to keep my own words from you. You tempt me with the words of others as though they were anything other than a poor substitute for your own tongue and the sound of […]

Rum Cherry Coke Cigarettes.

I finally caught her. Her feet were stuck to the floor, congealed and mired in honey. A sugar-coated, saccharin glue trap of fawning and people pleasing that felt like it might be the end of me and I thought… There’s got to be a way to get away from her […]

All Aboard! Terror Train!

All aboard for a ride through the pages of “Terror Train.” This anthology from James Ward Kirk Fiction, edited by Krista Clark-Grabowski and A. Henry Keene, is careening down the tracks with enough action packed thrills and chills to keep readers spellbound from start to finish, including the story, “Lonely […]

Roll Me Away.

  Roll Me Away We took to the road. The expanse of blacktop stretched out before us into the sparkling effervescenceΒ that we dared to think was the night sky back-lit with stars but was really a sideways look at a glass of Alka-Seltzer on the nightstand before we had to […]


To speak of The Muse is to speak of The Ethereal, The Inspired. The walls shook with the sound of cascading thunder, the windows vibrating in their frames. In a burst of light, the panes became liquid beneath my finger tips, I watched the circles fan away from my touch […]

Scorpio Moon.

Β  Scorpio Moon She held her skirt up like she was about to curtsy, trying to keep the edges of it from getting muddy. The tall grass scraped her legs. It swished and snapped under their feet like dry waves. He tilted his head back, howled, chugged at the strawberry […]

Love Letters.

  The wanting of words let loose, wrapped around and back again, trailing into one another, not poetry but poetically realistic, to say, my toes are cold, I want to […]