It’s Snowing, in Hawaii

Sometimes, when I'm getting too serious, or I'm getting too bogged down over serious issues, I'll just let myself run with it until something makes me laugh. This morning's news cycle provided a treasure trove of ridiculousness. What sent me over the top was this news story about how California is finally pulling the plug... Continue Reading →

Feeling. Pretty. Psyched.

This morning I went looking for my sarcasm and my sense of humor, or, I could have called this post "An Ode to the Super Selfish Romper Room Neophytes That Tried to Kill Me but Now is NOT the Time." Really, now is not the time. People are really hurting each other out there so... Continue Reading →

Shakespeare, Darlings…

It's Shakespeare, darlings, try not to screw it up. Several years ago I went on a trip with my husband and there was this guy walking around wearing a red and white t-shirt with a picture of Shakespeare on it and the caption read, "This shit writes itself." For some reason at that very moment... Continue Reading →

A Tangent to Hamlet.

  How does one endure such distance? Is it true that you have grown to hate me? How would I know otherwise? As I am left with no more than the memory of a kiss so torturous it burns my very soul. Am I no more to thee than is a ball of string unto... Continue Reading →

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