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Loralee, Available on Amazon

Loralee, is now available on Amazon, the Kindle version is only 99 cents!   From the outside looking in, former beauty queen Loralee Montgomery has everything she ever dreamed of, a sprawling Texas ranch, two grown kids, and a wealthy husband. But when greed sinks its clutches deep […]


I wandered into the diner looking for him again, and not.Knowing that he wouldn’t be there, and still hoping.The days get long.We hope to be so much more than we are.We hope to be enough.Then we hope to be enough for ourselves again. To have enough heart for […]

Coming soon…Red Line Wine

  I’m working on the final poems in a collection or poetry and prose titled, Red Line Wine, that I first put together in 1996. These are the poems and prose of my youth, of first love, of heartbreak, of dreams, homesickness, longing, of hope, and believing that […]

Favorite Films Part Two: There She Goes

Note: In writing this post I’ve discovered the recurring anomaly of this song, pretty much if you’re making a romantic comedy, you need this song.       The second installment in this ongoing list of favorite films is likely to be leaning toward the romantic, or love stories. […]


“I’m out a luck, out a loveGotta photograph, picture ofPassion killer, you’re too muchYou’re the only one I want to touchI see your face every time I dreamOn every page, every magazineSo wild and free so far from meYou’re all I want, my fantasy..” Put your picture on […]

Sometimes, my worlds collide, spilling over into one another. Sometimes the poison from some previous wound has worked its way to the surface for release. There are times when I don’t realize that that is what is happening until after the fact, not quite like the delirium of […]

I Couldn’t Resist.

  I couldn’t resist. It had been too long without seeing him. Too many nights of pacing, wondering. And so there I was again, sitting in our booth, waiting, hoping. Tempted by the twinkling neon as it beckoned and blinked, Always Open…Always Open… The Starlight Deluxe…because it had […]


Oh the things I dare not share, my want to tell you of, A longing in my heart, such is this love, Poetically accursed though it might be, I wonder is your longing such for me.


To speak of The Muse is to speak of The Ethereal, The Inspired. The walls shook with the sound of cascading thunder, the windows vibrating in their frames. In a burst of light, the panes became liquid beneath my finger tips, I watched the circles fan away from […]


There is a place of slipstream golden where all the world is beholden to every dream you have. In August, when the Amazon is changing colors, When the silt is evening borders on the edges and the shores Of seeping moss and strange floors carpeted in leaves of […]


Unlimited You know what a woman wants? A badass son of a bitch who can make the trip and still treat her like the most precious being on the planet. A man who’s really a gentleman, even if sometimes she doesn’t act like much of a lady. She […]

Teller of Stories

        They want the words. You want the words. I stay up all night, many nights, and don’t much care, who knows it. Chasing things down, drinking tea, looking for songs to put me into some kind of state of mind, the soundtrack for the […]

Love Letters.

  The wanting of words let loose, wrapped around and back again, trailing into one another, not poetry but poetically realistic, to say, my toes are cold, I want to wear your socks, lay down next to you, feel your palm cool against this fever. Agony, wanting to […]


They bust the rusted meadows gate, wait the darkness for the dawn. They drink the stars, try to curse the moon, they wander on and on. They steal away the slipstream sleep and purge the soul with fire.    They promise everlasting life and all that you desire. […]


  Waking… May 10, 1994 The sweet smell of honeysuckle rested on an evening breeze outside the open window. Looking down the driveway to the street, in the dim glow of the footlights, I could almost see it. There was something dangerously familiar about it all. My head […]

A Tangent to Hamlet.

  How does one endure such distance? Is it true that you have grown to hate me? How would I know otherwise? As I am left with no more than the memory of a kiss so torturous it burns my very soul. Am I no more to thee […]