Loralee, Available on Amazon

Loralee, is now available on Amazon, the Kindle version is only 99 cents!   From the outside looking in, former beauty queen Loralee Montgomery has everything she ever dreamed of, a sprawling Texas ranch, two grown kids, and a wealthy husband. But when greed sinks its clutches deep into the soul of a man, there's [...]


There is a place of slipstream goldenwhere all the world is beholdento every dream you have.In August, when the Amazon is changing colors,When the silt is evening borders on the edges and the shoresOf seeping moss and strange floors carpeted in leaves of treesNative to the regionOut of Season from all the other places on [...]


Unlimited You know what a woman wants? A badass son of a bitch who can make the trip and still treat her like the most precious being on the planet. A man whoโ€™s really a gentleman, even if sometimes she doesnโ€™t act like much of a lady. She wants a proper rescue. She wants gallantry [...]


They bust the rusted meadows gate, wait the darkness for the dawn. They drink the stars, try to curse the moon, they wander on and on. They steal away the slipstream sleep and purge the soul with fire.ย  ย  They promise everlasting life and all that you desire. Vampire. ย ~Teri Skultety,ย  ย January 22, 2012 ย  [...]