The Girl in Geiger’s Bookstore Didn’t Know That

When it comes to my favorite films, I like what I deem to be good films regardless of genre. That said, I can also appreciate a film as being a good film, without actually, or necessarily, liking the film myself. There are also films that I have enjoyed or liked that I don't know could … Continue reading The Girl in Geiger’s Bookstore Didn’t Know That

You Know How To Whistle… Lauren Bacall.

 I was first introduced to Lauren Bacall by way of the silver screen when I was all of sixteen years old as she burned up the silver screen acting opposite Humphrey Bogart in Ernest Hemingway's "To Have and Have Not."  Betty, as she was known to her friends, was just nineteen years old when she … Continue reading You Know How To Whistle… Lauren Bacall.


I didn't want to bump my own book post to write about anything else right now, "Don't bury the lead", but I'm going to repost all that when the paperback is available, and then again when the poetry book comes out so it'll be right there, and the premiere of HBO's "Westworld" was that amazing. … Continue reading Westworld.

Brilliant Write Up About…

Here is a link to a brilliant write up, at The Atlantic,by Heather Havrilesky, about the biography of author Shirley Jackson, "A Rather Haunted Life" by Ruth Franklin. Wonderfully insightful, speaking to the issues that influenced the work of the author as a woman who endured a different time, era, in the world, however they … Continue reading Brilliant Write Up About…

Cheyenne Madonna, by Eddie Chuculate

     Eddie Chuculate's descriptive prose reads like the view of the most brilliant landscape painting, the words providing a stark portrait in contrasts in some areas while melding into the delicacy required of a watercolor brush in others, whether the scenery be that of an actual landscape, the rolling countryside of Oklahoma, or simply the … Continue reading Cheyenne Madonna, by Eddie Chuculate