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Point of View

I was looking at some photos from a few years ago for a post I'm thinking about and a couple of things caught my attention. The first thing is that I didn't really care for this photo of me at the time, but now, I think it isn't so awful and can see that in… Continue reading Point of View

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The Keeper

The Keeper A slow and steady flame, Does burn inside this heart, Though with it knowledge came, To rip my soul apart.   Of the garden fruit, I ate, And it hath digested me, I wondered out the gate, Eager to be free.   But the world I found out there, I could not understand,… Continue reading The Keeper

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The Elements of Stylization

"Oh noes, spares us your meanderings about style." That girl ain't got no style. ( Should I be saying woman? That woman ain't got no style?) Strunk and White, I own a copy and from the peanut gallery, "Yeah, and you obviously never read it." Well, truth be told, I cracked it open once or… Continue reading The Elements of Stylization