The Keeper

The Keeper A slow and steady flame, Does burn inside this heart, Though with it knowledge came, To rip my soul apart.   Of the garden fruit, I ate, And it hath digested me, I wondered out the gate, Eager to be free.   But the world I found out there, I could not understand,... Continue Reading →

Red Line Wine, Available Now!

Red Line Wine, Selected poetry and prose, 1977-1996. This is the lightning in a bottle of my youth. I hope that you enjoy these poems and pieces of prose. You may read a few of them here, listed below.ย  ~ Thank you for reading! ~ T.S. The Cafe New Orleans Endings Black Boots Believe A... Continue Reading →

Adam’s Rib

Adamโ€™s Rib July 17, August 6, 1994 They were holding hands, This old woman and man, Rocking in time, Fingers knotted, Entwined, She spun out a rhyme. The old man raised an eyebrow, As she began to tell it so, Every word he knew heโ€™d know, All the same, he let her go. โ€œI remember.โ€... Continue Reading →

A Tangent to Hamlet.

  How does one endure such distance? Is it true that you have grown to hate me? How would I know otherwise? As I am left with no more than the memory of a kiss so torturous it burns my very soul. Am I no more to thee than is a ball of string unto... Continue Reading →


All the night my fingers flew, You slept alone and never knew, The dreams that I was making true, All the night my fingers flew, Up to โ€“ The Top of the World and back, Flew around each railroad track, Across the keys then stopped to crack, Get themselves all back in whack, And rest... Continue Reading →

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