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When Half-Gods Go

Here we are, can you believe it, going into September. Where does the time go? I'm still reading Carl Sandburg's big book of Abraham Lincoln. I've no words adequate to do it justice. There is no doubt that the United States would not still exist, our Constitution would not have been preserved, were it not… Continue reading When Half-Gods Go

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End of the Summer Stuff

It is the end of the Summer. I've been doing end of the Summer stuff. I don't feel like talking about writing but, I will say that I noticed, as I was working on something, that I was essentially writing the same story over and over again. I noticed this after watching an episode of… Continue reading End of the Summer Stuff

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What Makes You Happy?

Here's a quote from the book "Illusions", by Richard Bach... "In the path of our happiness shall we find the learning for which we have chosen this lifetime." That makes the question pretty simple, though perhaps the answer(s) won't be.Β  What makes you happy? When are you the happiest? What are you most happy doing?… Continue reading What Makes You Happy?

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Inclement Weather, and Quotes from Saint Joan

The rain has been seemingly incessant. It was ingrained in me throughout my youth not to be a "complainer." However, seeing as how I am now firmly into my middle age, I am, on occasion, given to indulging myself in a bit of complaining and I will tell you, I think I've had it with… Continue reading Inclement Weather, and Quotes from Saint Joan

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This Strange New World

I'm considering so many things, thinking, about this strange, new, world, we've found ourselves in as we are now in the future. This is an interesting interview, this quote, talking about the 24/7 internet, etc. "...The societal question is more complex, although I think it’s users themselves and not luddite abstainers like me who are… Continue reading This Strange New World

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Mr. Mercury

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kijpcUv-b8M The other day someone shared this great quote from Freddie Mercury that really spoke to me. I've found several versions of the quote.         What that means is that what he meant when he wrote whatever it was, and what the listener/reader gets out of it or interprets it as, may… Continue reading Mr. Mercury