A New Novel, and All The Bright Young Things At The Last Picture Show

I am in the final stages of making my "Loralee" novella available again. I plan to make this one as inexpensive to purchase as possible. It will be available in paperback and on kindle, a month or less from now probably. This re-write and edit took longer than I expected it to. The proofreading took … Continue reading A New Novel, and All The Bright Young Things At The Last Picture Show

My Beloved Roses

 my beloved roses     I haven't written a blog post in over a month. I wonder if it is wise to do so now, the world seems to be in a terribly chaotic state. I do not think that it is wise, generally speaking, to discuss one's politics, my personal opinion, from where I'm … Continue reading My Beloved Roses

The Harvest.

The sparkle on the river,from the lights on distant shore,the cold and bitter glitter,the beckoning of more,is beautiful to look at,'tis a pleasing sight to see,like a woman dressed for dinner,in all of her finery,but all that shines is not silver,and all that glitters is not gold,and if you want the treasure,and if the truth … Continue reading The Harvest.

Psalm of The Beautiful Dream.

I am being quiet because there is a voice that I need to hear, it is my own. I am choosing simplicity because I can. I remind myself to claim each day with intention. I am choosing calm over chaos. I am believing for restoration. Knowing and having felt a need so great that I … Continue reading Psalm of The Beautiful Dream.

Longing For Autumn.

Summer has arrived and I am longing for the Autumn season. Each day grows longer in its’ strange, lazy heat, making me wistful. Thinking of cooler evenings, of colors faded from the over exposure of prolonged, direct light. I miss the cool shadows, the early drawing of night.I realize now it has been the Summer … Continue reading Longing For Autumn.