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I just found so many mistakes in a manuscript that I already corrected and published, that it's making my head spin. I'm a good writer. My grammar skills are average. But I've got to step it up in the proof-reading department. It's sloppy. In one sentence I found the words "Shup up" instead of "Shut… Continue reading Gremlins

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The New Book: Magdalene Aubergine

We barely broke eighty degrees here today. There are still some ninety-degree temperatures predicted into the middle of the month, but today Summer officially began to fade. It was windy the first part of the day, settling into a nice breeze this evening. The night air is noticeably cooler, Autumn is set to arrive.  I've… Continue reading The New Book: Magdalene Aubergine

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The Society of Classical Poets.

The Society of Classical Poets, of which I am a member, was kind enough to republish one of my poems, "The Harvest." I'm honored to be included. I think that their efforts promoting classical poetry are commendable and wonderful, a really cool thing. If you enjoy poetry, you should check out their webpage and anthologies!… Continue reading The Society of Classical Poets.

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One November, I Published Two Books

I've worked hard the last couple of years to get some books published, I'm thinking of them as there were "the first five," and now there is "the magnificent seven." I also have stories in three print anthologies, and I'm going to get those linked up with cover pictures, as well as having been published… Continue reading One November, I Published Two Books

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Loralee, Available on Amazon

    From the outside looking in, former beauty queen Loralee Montgomery has everything she ever dreamed of, a sprawling Texas ranch, two grown kids, and a wealthy husband. But when greed sinks its clutches deep into the soul of a man, there's no telling what he might do to keep what is his or… Continue reading Loralee, Available on Amazon