Sometimes, my worlds collide, spilling over into one another. Sometimes the poison from some previous wound has worked its way to the surface for release. There are times when I don’t realize that that is what is happening until after… Read More ›

I Believe.

Each moment that I live and breath,I believe,Yes, I believe, In caterpillars and butterflies,In thunderstorms and clear blue skies,I believe in angels strong, who guard me when the night grows longAnd I believe in a love divine that lingers in this… Read More ›

The Willow Tree

Found her by the Willow Tree,Mud on her dress,Up to the knee,In her hand a string of beads,Tiny pearls, tiny seeds,Found her,By the Willow Tree. Sweet Chiffon in ivory pale,The bodice laced with ribbon,Frail,And trimmed around the flowing smock,Found her… Read More ›