I Believe.

Each moment that I live and breath,I believe,Yes, I believe, In caterpillars and butterflies,In thunderstorms and clear blue skies,I believe in angels strong, who guard me when the night grows longAnd I believe in a love divine that lingers in this… Read More ›


I fear your disapproval,Wrecked by the names you have called me,Without saying a word.Lost to myself and others.Having become my own fiction.Righting myself only to fall again.My sense of humor taken leave.My wounds reopened.I seek a fortress, I seek your… Read More ›

The Willow Tree

Found her by the Willow Tree,Mud on her dress,Up to the knee,In her hand a string of beads,Tiny pearls, tiny seeds,Found her,By the Willow Tree. Sweet Chiffon in ivory pale,The bodice laced with ribbon,Frail,And trimmed around the flowing smock,Found her… Read More ›


     We talk to each other like strangers, in carefully scripted architecture, allegedly, to keep from hurting, others or ourselves. Breaking off little pieces of conversation to shove around and share and salivate over like delicate, intricate morsels of emotion,… Read More ›