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e.e. cummings

silently if, out of not knowable night's utmost nothing, wanders a little guess, (only which is this world) more my life does not leap than with the mystery your smile sings or if (spiraling as luminous they climb oblivion) voices who are dreams less into heaven certainly earth swims, than each my deeper death becomes… Continue reading e.e. cummings

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October in the Railroad Earth, Jack Kerouac October in the Rail Road Earth "spontaneous" prose There was a little alley in San Francisco back of the Southern Pacific station at Third and Townsend in redbrick of drowsy lazy afternoons with everybody at work in offices in the air you feel the impending rush of their commuter frenzy as soon theyโ€™ll be… Continue reading October in the Railroad Earth, Jack Kerouac

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Walt Whitman, Pioneers I'm reading a book about Abraham Lincoln and was reminded once again of this poem by Walt Whitman as Whitman was of that time. I think some weren't too keen on it when Levi's used some of this poem to sell jeans, but I thought it was great because it introduced a new audience… Continue reading Walt Whitman, Pioneers

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When Half-Gods Go

Here we are, can you believe it, going into September. Where does the time go? I'm still reading Carl Sandburg's big book of Abraham Lincoln. I've no words adequate to do it justice. There is no doubt that the United States would not still exist, our Constitution would not have been preserved, were it not… Continue reading When Half-Gods Go

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Longing for Autumn

Longing for Autumn Summer has arrived and I am longing for the Autumn Season. Each day grows longer in its strange, lazy heat, making me wistful. Thinking of cooler evenings, of colors faded from overexposure to prolonged, direct, light. I miss the cool shadows, the early drawing of night. I realize now it has been… Continue reading Longing for Autumn

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Pigeon Hole

Don't try to put me in your pigeon hole, don't tell me how you sold your soul, I don't really want to know, I've got problems of my own. Don't you know they broke the mold, when they made me? When they made me. I don't want to hear your tale of woe, What you… Continue reading Pigeon Hole

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In The Lingering of November

Almost December, I wonder what it will bring with it, however much I try not to. I think about the things we think we always wanted, the ones we got, and the ones that got away, in the middle of the day, in the glaring light of dawn, in the fading twilight, in the moonlight… Continue reading In The Lingering of November

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Gold Mine, These Are the Words I Managed to Save

During the fall months of 2008 and into 2009, reality slipped away from me. Amid the avalanche of dissipating solidity descending into complete confusion and chaos of thought as I entered my forties, I threw more than twenty years of writing, of work, into a cauldron of flames. Most of it without ever looking at… Continue reading Gold Mine, These Are the Words I Managed to Save

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Fairy Wails

Coming soon... Fairy Wails Where is this hero Who is so oft spoke of? Where it this mythological man, Who saves the day, Who mends the heart And lights the way? Where is the hero Who wasnโ€™t fucked up by his mother? Who melts the bitterness of betrayal? Who elevates all men By the virtue… Continue reading Fairy Wails

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Too, as in, Also…

fromย  'Gold Mine' _____this true heart______________ I will write your name on every breath from now until forever, forget you never, know that I have not let go of this true heart. Forgiving you and him and them and everyone, everything, sing ever louder, stronger, taking claim of every wind and every rain, rising up… Continue reading Too, as in, Also…

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April is National Poetry Month

So, I am a poetess And I knowitess. April is National Poetry Month. Here is a link to, if you are interested, you can check that out. Rarely have I discussed my favorite poets. Some of that is because it has been very personal to me, and some of it is because if you… Continue reading April is National Poetry Month