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Magdalene Aubergine, This Weekend

Sometime before Monday, "Magdalene Aubergine" should be available for purchase. When it goes live on Amazon, I'll post up the link and link it on my book pages. I went over my proof-copy today (it arrived bent but after spending the afternoon under a stack of big books it straightened out.) I'll be going over… Continue reading Magdalene Aubergine, This Weekend

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Beginner’s Luck

When they first learn to do magic, they think the power they wield is their own. The ego is a weak, insatiable, master, and some of the gods are fickle. And some of the gods are not. And some of the gods are devils. And some things are better forgotten. Only fools dare play with… Continue reading Beginner’s Luck

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The Coca Cola Communist

The Coca Cola drinking communist thinks I look ridiculous. He is wearing black high top sneakers, that retail at one hundred and forty dollars. He says they last longer, than cheap canvas tennis shoes. He is wearing a black hoodie, with a label on it, from some designer, he says he doesn't care about that… Continue reading The Coca Cola Communist

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Carried Away

Carried Away   Waiting for the carriage The Pumpkin Coach of Nod to the land thatโ€™s ever sleeping the Spring in its facade in cloaks and robes of Winter when we are children, laugh and sing, for we donโ€™t know what is coming and we think it is the Spring as weโ€™re caroling through the… Continue reading Carried Away