Real Myths of Twilight

Real Myths. Tall dark, long and lean Arrows in the slipstream. Super sonic, sub atomic, Wet dream, Cross that man and taste the mean. Step outside, You ain’t comin' back in, And you don’t mess around with Jim. Sharp blade, well-played, The only reason that I stayed Until they rolled the credits. Read between the … Continue reading Real Myths of Twilight

All The Bright Young Things at The Last Picture Show

And they wore shades of pink, of mauve and aubergine, Sitting in the front row, too close to the screen, as shades of silver night slipped like filtered glitter around their feet, and they never looked at one another, so they'd never have to meet. But they knew it was the latest thing that they … Continue reading All The Bright Young Things at The Last Picture Show

April is National Poetry Month

So, I am a poetess And I knowitess. April is National Poetry Month. Here is a link to, if you are interested, you can check that out. Rarely have I discussed my favorite poets. Some of that is because it has been very personal to me, and some of it is because if you … Continue reading April is National Poetry Month

The Life I Know

Some have a minimalist sense of decor. Some have a simple mode of dress, or a sparse writing  style. Others become minimalist in a different way,  in the shedding of layers, of cluttered personalities, of borrowed things, day after day, as I now see so clearly, and so far, all the things that nearly all … Continue reading The Life I Know

Journey With My Heart

Do you know what we have? Something that time will never touch, distance is no match for it, we are lucky to have it as such. Something simple, yet misunderstood, in all of its honesty, around my life I wear the pearls, of wisdom, learned from its rarity. Diamonds look dull lain beside it, for … Continue reading Journey With My Heart