I’ve re-started a Tumblr page, and I’ve created a companion page to this page. The goal is, to keep what is good, to focus on the good things, to find ways to use the internet creating one’s own filters for content while also creating content. I couldn’t take anymore of […]

Through Another Lens

This isn’t a documentary about a photographer of New York fashion and, or, street fashion. It is a documentary about an artist, whose medium happens to be photography, a man to whom fashion is art, and that is how he photographs it. Through his lens, a world of vibrant eccentricity […]

Before the Harvest.

Β  My favorite time of year, from about now until the first of each New Year. Β  As the Autumnal Equinox approaches once again, and the Harvest Moon,Β we used to simply call it, Fall. These photos are from a few years ago, though I remember that day as being special […]