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Rural America, It’s Where Your Produce Comes From

I watched some news while I had dinner. One of the pieces was about a Berkeley Professor who made some not too bright, classicist, intolerant, ignorant remarks on Twitter, giving us another fine example of the many ways in which higher education often fails. What this Harvard educated professor said, among other things, was this:… Continue reading Rural America, It’s Where Your Produce Comes From

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Point of View

I was looking at some photos from a few years ago for a post I'm thinking about and a couple of things caught my attention. The first thing is that I didn't really care for this photo of me at the time, but now, I think it isn't so awful and can see that in… Continue reading Point of View

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Red Line Wine, Available Now!

Red Line Wine, Selected poetry and prose, 1977-1996. This is the lightning in a bottle of my youth. I hope that you enjoy these poems and pieces of prose. You may read a few of them here, listed below.ย  ~ Thank you for reading! ~ T.S. Endings Black Boots Believe A Tangent to Hamlet Human… Continue reading Red Line Wine, Available Now!