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South and West, Joan Didion

I've finished reading "South and West: From a Notebook" by Joan Didion. At one hundred and twenty-six pages, this was a quick read. If you've been following along you've probably gathered that I've become a fan of Joan Didion's writing. I am familiar with her cadence, her style. I often refer to her as "Saint… Continue reading South and West, Joan Didion

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Dig A Little Deeper

Over the course of the last two days, I've finally had a little bit of time to work on the book again, "Magdalene Aubergine." I keep thinking it's finished and then it grows. I don't know if it is turning out to be the book I intended to write, but it is the book I… Continue reading Dig A Little Deeper

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The Attempted Elimination of the Middle Class

I live in California. I was born in California during a time when being a first-generation Californian was still something of a thing, even if it was one that was on its way out. I spent the first years of my life in Southern California, and my beginning grade school years in Texas and Oregon.… Continue reading The Attempted Elimination of the Middle Class

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My Magnificent, Never-ending, Love Affair With Words

Writing...I wanted to say something about writing. I never worried about it. I picked up a pen, I sat down at the keys and I wrote. I ate, I slept, I did what I needed to do or what needed doing and I wrote until I was done writing. At thirty-five years old I had… Continue reading My Magnificent, Never-ending, Love Affair With Words

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(Spoilers throughout, though most of you know this story in some form or another.) GATSBY. Gatsby? Gatsby. I've stayed away from the subject of Gatsby for some years because I simply couldn't deal with it. Gatsby made me infinitely angry at F. Scott Fitzgerald. A romantic at heart, (what I used to call a 'romantic… Continue reading Gatsby