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South and West, Joan Didion

I've finished reading "South and West: From a Notebook" by Joan Didion. At one hundred and twenty-six pages, this was a quick read. If you've been following along you've probably gathered that I've become a fan of Joan Didion's writing. I am familiar with her cadence, her style. I often refer to her as "Saint… Continue reading South and West, Joan Didion

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Just Kids, Patti Smith

I loved this memoir from Patti Smith of her early years in New York with Robert Mapplethorpe. Some of the subject matter won't be everyone's cup of tea, the title doesn't reveal that this is a book for adults, and it is very gritty in places. If you are unfamiliar with who Robert Mapplethorpe was… Continue reading Just Kids, Patti Smith

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OPEN 24 – 7, But It’s Closing Time: The Re-Rewiring of the Internet Affected Brain.

Recently Iโ€™ve been thinking about how much time we, I, spend on the internet. Iโ€™ve thought about it before.   There was a time when I did not want a computer, whether it was a matter of being something of a technophobe or simply a general leeriness for reasons that I couldnโ€™t quite explain, the… Continue reading OPEN 24 – 7, But It’s Closing Time: The Re-Rewiring of the Internet Affected Brain.

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Unlimited You know what a woman wants? A badass son of a bitch who can make the trip and still treat her like the most precious being on the planet. A man whoโ€™s really a gentleman, even if sometimes she doesnโ€™t act like much of a lady. She wants a proper rescue. She wants gallantry… Continue reading Unlimited