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Quantum Leap: The Mona Lisa Question

Big ideas. I'm having a Quantum Leap kind of day. Hypothesizing some things. Suspend your disbelief for a moment and imagine you can see the future. Decades ago, you held an object in your hand, a picture, and looked into the future. You said that what you saw was the Mona Lisa talking, no sound,… Continue reading Quantum Leap: The Mona Lisa Question

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Patti Smith, Just Kids

I loved this memoir from Patti Smith of her early years in New York with Robert Mapplethorpe. Some of the subject matter won't be everyone's cup of tea, the title doesn't reveal that this is a book for adults, and it is very gritty in places. If you are unfamiliar with who Robert Mapplethorpe was… Continue reading Patti Smith, Just Kids

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Gold Mine, These Are the Words I Managed to Save

During the fall months of 2008 and into 2009, reality slipped away from me. Amid the avalanche of dissipating solidity descending into complete confusion and chaos of thought, I threw more than twenty years of writing, of work, into a cauldron of flames. Most of it without ever looking at what it was that I… Continue reading Gold Mine, These Are the Words I Managed to Save

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It Is Still Beautiful. Chris Cornell.

Grunge is the music that my generation created, whether the label of "grunge" is one that was met with approval or acceptance or not. Passionately philosophically divested in many ways from the heavy metal and "pretty" hair bands and glam bands of the heyday of "sex, drugs, and rock and roll" of previous generations, the… Continue reading It Is Still Beautiful. Chris Cornell.

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Real Myths

Real Myths. Tall, dark, long and lean, Arrows in the slipstream. Super sonic, sub atomic, Wet dream, Cross that man and taste the mean. Step outside, You ainโ€™t comin' back in, And you donโ€™t mess around with Jim. Sharp blade. Well-played. The only reason that I stayed, Until they rolled the credits. Read between the… Continue reading Real Myths

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The Girl In Geiger’s Bookstore Didn’t Know That

Favorite Films, Part ... ? of ? Crime Stories and Noir Let's get the Bogarting done.   The Big Sleep, 1946 Howard Hawks directed, based on the novel by Raymond Chandler, which I've read and enjoyed. The running time on this one is just under two hours. It's plot-heavy, and it is good. Bogart portrays… Continue reading The Girl In Geiger’s Bookstore Didn’t Know That

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Unlimited You know what a woman wants? A badass son of a bitch who can make the trip and still treat her like the most precious being on the planet. A man whoโ€™s really a gentleman, even if sometimes she doesnโ€™t act like much of a lady. She wants a proper rescue. She wants gallantry… Continue reading Unlimited