National Poetry Month

Real Myths

Real Myths. Tall, dark, long and lean, Arrows in the slipstream. Super sonic, sub atomic, Wet dream, Cross that man and taste the mean. Step outside, You ain’t comin’ back in, And you don’t mess around with Jim. Sharp blade. Well-played. The only reason that I stayed, Until they rolled […]


I want to push the words together to make some words better than the dirt. I want to hold your hand in quiet, that is, without words between us, and let it out. I realize that I’m looking, searching, for the words, that are what quiet sounds like, because that […]

The Art of Distraction

Darling dears, oh how they trouble mewith all this nonsense and effronteryto every single sensibilityto act as though we’re wedded to a causewithout the mind to question what it wasthat brought us to this mess where we’ve arrivedand how it was that ever though we thrivedfor times were better once […]


I’m human, I’m human,I wanted to scream,from the top of my lungs,in the depths of this dream,or nightmare,or vision,only God knows for sure,I’m human, I’m human,and there is no cure.No potion, no tonic, no drug left to take,I’m human. I’m human,the perfect mistake,or lesson, or riddle, or catch 22,I’m human, […]