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Don’t Fear the Reaper BOC is one of my favorite bands. I wouldn't know where to begin to tell of the impact and influence this music has had on my life, and my writing. But, I've got to be careful not to give away all my secrets. TS

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Back at the Writing, and Great Tunes The first Pat Benatar song that I remember being aware of was "Heartbreaker." That was about the same time that I was becoming a Tom Petty fan for life. After that she was just always on the radio, seemed like, with one hit song after another. I had three of her albums back in… Continue reading Back at the Writing, and Great Tunes

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I'll tell you what optimism is, in a world where a fake issue of a real newspaper was distributed by activists, and went viral, and where the media got it wrong again, because they didn't check the facts, or get the complete story, before they ran with it, I realized I'd renewed subscriptions to a… Continue reading Optimism

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I Believe in Love   I'm hoping to get to writing a post in the next couple of days. For now, here's one of my favorite Elton John songs. TS

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It’s Me, Pearl.

Itโ€™s Me, Pearl. An Ode to Janis Joplin Itโ€™s never me, itโ€™s you, except that itโ€™s always me, it has never not been me, it has never not been some glaring inadequacy of me, when at my best, it was me, unintentionally, making everyone else feel bad, about whatever they werenโ€™t, because my own inadequacies… Continue reading It’s Me, Pearl.

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The New Classical I said somewhere before that I think a lot of this type of music, it's rock and roll but it is decidedly on the metal side when contrasted with, say, the likes of Springsteen, is in many ways the new classical. The precision guitar playing, the clean vocals, an obvious skill level here these… Continue reading The New Classical

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Mr. Mercury The other day someone shared this great quote from Freddie Mercury that really spoke to me. I've found several versions of the quote.         What that means is that what he meant when he wrote whatever it was, and what the listener/reader gets out of it or interprets it as, may… Continue reading Mr. Mercury