Into the Hours After Midnight

The other day I made it a point to follow the posts, to really look at the posts, of a couple of people whom I know to hold political views that are at opposite ends of the spectrum. What I garnered from that is that everyone is living in their own world, their own reality,... Continue Reading →

Midnight at the Starlight Deluxe

The Starlight Deluxe is an imaginary diner, there might be a real one somewhere, but this made-up one, is mine. For a while I dedicated a second webpage to it. In the last few days, it's a place that's on my mind quite a bit, one that I've drawn several ideas from for the books/projects... Continue Reading →

I Couldn’t Resist

Fiction.     I couldn't resist. It had been too long without seeing him. Too many nights of pacing, wondering. And so there I was again, sitting in our booth, waiting, hoping. Tempted by the twinkling neon as it beckoned and blinked, Always Open...Always Open... The Starlight Deluxe...because it had been the only thing open... Continue Reading →

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