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Beginner’s Luck

When they first learn to do magic, they think the power they wield is their own. The ego is a weak, insatiable, master, and some of the gods are fickle. And some of the gods are not. And some of the gods are devils. And some things are better forgotten. Only fools dare play with… Continue reading Beginner’s Luck

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The New Book: Magdalene Aubergine

We barely broke eighty degrees here today. There are still some ninety-degree temperatures predicted into the middle of the month, but today Summer officially began to fade. It was windy the first part of the day, settling into a nice breeze this evening. The night air is noticeably cooler, Autumn is set to arrive.ย  I've… Continue reading The New Book: Magdalene Aubergine

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At Ease With One’s Self

The people I've loved the most are those so confidently at ease with themselves, that they put others at ease. If there's a guy railing against bacon, why it's bad for you and no one should ever eat bacon because he hates it, and no one should ever listen to music from the 1950's either,… Continue reading At Ease With One’s Self