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Elizabeth Wurtzel, and How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb?

There are two Pat Benatar songs stuck in my head right now, both from the same album, "Tropico," which is my favorite Pat Benatar album. I had a copy of "Tropico" way back in the day, bought from the local music store. It was scratched, right out of the sleeve. Couldn't return it. So I… Continue reading Elizabeth Wurtzel, and How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb?

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Carried Away

Carried Away   Waiting for the carriage The Pumpkin Coach of Nod to the land thatโ€™s ever sleeping the Spring in its facade in cloaks and robes of Winter when we are children, laugh and sing, for we donโ€™t know what is coming and we think it is the Spring as weโ€™re caroling through the… Continue reading Carried Away

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When Half-Gods Go

Here we are, can you believe it, going into September. Where does the time go? I'm still reading Carl Sandburg's big book of Abraham Lincoln. I've no words adequate to do it justice. There is no doubt that the United States would not still exist, our Constitution would not have been preserved, were it not… Continue reading When Half-Gods Go

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Danielle Steel

Here's a great write up/interview of author Danielle Steel at Glamour mag. How has Steel written 179 books? She writes/works twenty to twenty-two hours a day. If that sounds like b.s. to you, you might not be a writer, or at least not one who knows what it's like to lose yourself in the story,… Continue reading Danielle Steel

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Loralee, Chapter Two, Oh Henry

Loralee: The Dimestore Novella Chapter Two, Oh Henry Originally published on October 27, 2011   Static crackled through the radioโ€™s old speakers mixed with the fading strains of โ€œAll Shook Up,โ€ part of the New Yearโ€™s Day Golden Hits of Rock and Roll countdown, the low volume created an odd background noise in the afternoon… Continue reading Loralee, Chapter Two, Oh Henry

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The Last Time We Visited Aldera Dune

      The Last Time We Visited Aldera Dune by Teri Skultety, copyright 2018, all rights reserved The last time we visited Aldera Dune, it was to watch the world die. The moons of Rionnata glowed with radiation in the distance. One purple, one iridescent green, one a golden orb. All like magic charms… Continue reading The Last Time We Visited Aldera Dune

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Maybelline Raven and The Wolf.

The year is 1762. Maybelline Raven is waiting patiently along the banks of the Mississippi River for the return of her husband so they may venture north, with their children. When the people of the village begin to perish after Maybelline is attacked, it is feared that a wolf is in their midst. As Maybelline… Continue reading Maybelline Raven and The Wolf.