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The Last Time We Visited Aldera Dune

      The Last Time We Visited Aldera Dune by Teri Skultety, copyright 2018, all rights reserved The last time we visited Aldera Dune, it was to watch the world die. The moons of Rionnata glowed with radiation in the distance. One purple, one iridescent green, one a golden orb. All like magic charms… Continue reading The Last Time We Visited Aldera Dune

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The Slick Furies, Pulp-Horror

I had no plans to ever write about vampires. I was writing a western, in which these creatures were swooping from the sky, attacking, and, as it so happened, they turned out to be vampires with pale lavender skin, and jaundiced, yellow, eyes. As the story began to unfold, there was also a shape-shifter, or… Continue reading The Slick Furies, Pulp-Horror

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The Slick Furies

Have you got your copy of the THE SLICK FURIES? It's the most kickass, badass, amazing, vampire novel that ever lived. I don't think you should wait for Christmas. This is the perfect novel for all the rainy days left of spring, and, especially, for all your summer vacation reading. You'll laugh, you'll cry, well,… Continue reading The Slick Furies