Wolf Song.

The ragged edge of sleep, Oh how it taunts, And in the waking hours dares to haunt the soul Of hunters graceless in their gait Who in their hunger hardly care to wait Unless then patience proves to be their need They’d rather cut your throat and watch you bleed, To eat then of the … Continue reading Wolf Song.

The Eve of All Saints.

It is the Eve of All Saints. Beware your steps, tread lightly between the darkness and the break of day,Β first, do no harm, that no harm Β come to you. Beware your cloaks and daggers, and all the earthly wagers on your soul,Β for it can be neither bought nor sold,Β but only freely given, while you stand … Continue reading The Eve of All Saints.

Autumnal Equinox.

The City, the weather turning now. The Harvest Moons rising high against the edge of the water. Boats rocking against the piers. Tankers and cargo ships anchored in the bay, the waves pushing against the locks. Giant glowing balloons beckoning the bounty of Autumn shorn from the surface of the plentiful terrain, loaded into the … Continue reading Autumnal Equinox.