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Echo in the Canyon

  https://youtu.be/N-aK6JnyFmk I'm about to put the page numbers to the table of contents on the book, completing work on the interior of the manuscript. After that, I've just got to get the cover design situated. As I've taken breaks from editing, I've been watching a documentary, "Echo in the Canyon," on Netflix about the… Continue reading Echo in the Canyon

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Midnight at the Starlight Deluxe

This book is a collection of short stories, flash fiction, a few poems, variations on a theme. These are stories about relationships, some are character, or lack of character, portraits, others are cautionary, observational, personal. The Starlight Deluxe, a diner, is a feature in many of these tales. Previously published pieces include 'With All the… Continue reading Midnight at the Starlight Deluxe

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Back at the Writing, and Great Tunes

https://youtu.be/7qUFZwJb9GA The first Pat Benatar song that I remember being aware of was "Heartbreaker." That was about the same time that I was becoming a Tom Petty fan for life. After that she was just always on the radio, seemed like, with one hit song after another. I had three of her albums back in… Continue reading Back at the Writing, and Great Tunes