Great Songs

Ric Ocasek

The Cars lead singer, guitarist, writer, icon, Ric Ocasek has passed away. I’d said a while ago that this was likely to get to be something of a regular thing at some point as time waits for no one. The Cars were on the radio constantly during my teen years. […]

Toad the Wet Sprocket

  Toad the Wet Sprocket. Music from the 1990s, classified as Alternative Rock, and Grunge. I’m listening to it again and it’s speaking to me as much as it did then, when I was in my mid-twenties, a new mom, working on my poems. I think it’s going to be […]

Let Your Love Flow…

Music can be a powerful mood changer. I’m all for listening to something that makes you feel good, or better, makes you turn that frown upside down and keep on keeping on. (You know, if you’re feeling like being in a better mood.) TS

The Music

  I can tell you at least one unequivocally good thing that I did get out of having used social media, it introduced me to some music, way back when, that it’s likely I’d have otherwise missed. ~ Teri                  


I just got home from a couple of (sober) perspective altering days in the mountains. I’m contemplating, mulling, a post about that, but it got me to thinking about these quotes, and this R.E.M.Β  song. “We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all of our exploring, Will […]

Don’t Fear the Reaper

BOC is one of my favorite bands. I wouldn’t know where to begin to tell of the impact and influence this music has had on my life, and my writing. But, I’ve got to be careful not to give away all my secrets. TS

Spirits Having Flown

  One of the first albums I ever owned that was mine. It was a birthday gift from a friend in grade school. Someone else gave me a copy of Andy Gibb’s “Flowing Rivers” that same year. It’s great music. The Bee Gees were masterful song writers.

Back at the Writing, and Great Tunes

The first Pat Benatar song that I remember being aware of was “Heartbreaker.” That was about the same time that I was becoming a Tom Petty fan for life. After that she was just always on the radio, seemed like, with one hit song after another. I had three of […]


I’ll tell you what optimism is, in a world where a fake issue of a real newspaper was distributed by activists, and went viral, and where the media got it wrong again, because they didn’t check the facts, or get the complete story, before they ran with it, I realized […]