Hot Pink

Oh great and glorious day! I salute thee! Really, what I have to say right at this moment isn't much because I am unusually busy at this moment. But, the color HOT PINK is making me really happy right now, as in - teenage rebellion dye your hair a color your parents will hate- happy. … Continue reading Hot Pink

My Beloved Roses

 my beloved roses     I haven't written a blog post in over a month. I wonder if it is wise to do so now, the world seems to be in a terribly chaotic state. I do not think that it is wise, generally speaking, to discuss one's politics, my personal opinion, from where I'm … Continue reading My Beloved Roses

The Plush Outer Dark of a Paper Heart

So last night I'm sitting here editing while listening to this new literary, that is to say writerly, podcast, "The Outer Dark," which is the brainchild of author Scott Nicolay, and I'm totally gigging on it, thinking, "I want to listen to all of these," and I'm completely in my zone, and zoning out too … Continue reading The Plush Outer Dark of a Paper Heart