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Good to Be Home

I am home from a mini-vacation of three days at the beach. We took a trip to celebrate twenty years of marriage, and my birthday is coming up pretty quick, plus, I needed to get away for a few days. The non-stop activity of the last few months had taken its toll. I needed to… Continue reading Good to Be Home

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There Is A Season

Let's out deep breath wishes another cup of tea would make itself and bring itself upstairs to me... It is October. Not only is it October, it is three weeks into October. We got home from a few days respite in July to a slew of home improvement projects that, for one reason or another,… Continue reading There Is A Season

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It Is Still Beautiful. Chris Cornell.

Grunge is the music that my generation created, whether the label of "grunge" is one that was met with approval or acceptance or not. Passionately philosophically divested in many ways from the heavy metal and "pretty" hair bands and glam bands of the heyday of "sex, drugs, and rock and roll" of previous generations, the… Continue reading It Is Still Beautiful. Chris Cornell.