Loralee, Chapter Thirteen, Fresh Molasses

Loralee, The Dimestore Novella Chapter Thirteen, Fresh Molasses Originally published on December 26, 2012   At ten o’clock the next morning, James Nevelle reported Don McCoy missing. Good β€˜ol Don said he was going to visit his sister. He’d never returned to the ranch and that just wasn’t like him. […]

Loralee, Chapter Twelve, Cold, Hard, Cash

Loralee, The Dimestore Novella Chapter Twelve, Cold, Hard, Cash Originally published on December 5, 2012   β€œYou handled that like shit, Hardy.” Nevelle rubbed at his wrists and then stopped himself. They’d kept him handcuffed long enough that he was contemplating escape. β€œWhat would you like me to do?” Hardy […]

Loralee, Chapter Eleven, That Wears the Crown

Loralee, The Dimestore Novella Chapter Eleven, That Wears the Crown Originally published on September 6, 2012   The smell was enough that anyone driving by with their windows open or their air conditioner on would have noticed. Nevelle’s eyes seemed to glow in the dark as he glared at McCoy. […]

Loralee, Chapter Seven, Buffalo Nickel

Loralee:The Dimestore Novella Chapter Seven, Buffalo Nickel Originally published on April 29, 2012   James Nevelle stood six-foot-five. Reed thin, he was what they called, β€œA long drink of water.” Perfectly silver foxed at the temples, his otherwise black hair combed back to a razor straight line an inch above […]

Loralee, Chapter Six, The Garden Suite

Loralee: The Dimestore Novella Chapter Six, The Garden Suite Originally published on April 29, 2012 Loralee set her drink on the counter, perspiration dripping cold off the sides of the glass. She lifted her hair out of the way. Henry unclasped the thin gold chain, a little gold star dangling […]

Loralee, Chapter Five, Tangled Web

Loralee: The Dimestore Novella Chapter Five, Tangled Web Originally published on March 8, 2012 His blood was spreading out around his body, not quite seeping into the poorly mixed concrete of the budget cut sidewalk at the bottom of the steps outside the police station. He looked to be in […]

Loralee, Chapter Four, Miss Tulsa Pie

Loralee: The Dimestore Novella Chapter Four, Miss Tulsa Pie Originally published on January 27, 2012     Loralee’s phone was ringing on the nightstand. She knocked over an empty glass as she reached for it. Her mascara had congealed, making it nearly impossible to open her eyes all the way. […]

Loralee, Chapter Three, Houston

Loralee: The Dimestore Novella Chapter Three, Houston Originally Published on January 12, 2012   β€œI heard you, damn it. I know who I belong to.” Donna paced on the balcony. β€œThen what are you doing?” Malcom said. β€œDon’t you know it’s you? It’s a big world, I been sitting on […]

Loralee, Chapter Two, Oh Henry

Loralee: The Dimestore Novella Chapter Two, Oh Henry Originally published on October 27, 2011   Static crackled through the radio’s old speakers mixed with the fading strains of β€œAll Shook Up,” part of the New Year’s Day Golden Hits of Rock and Roll countdown, the low volume created an odd […]

Loralee, Chapter One

Loralee: The Dimestore Novella Chapter One, A Name Like Loralee Originally published on October 26, 2011   Loralee had no illusions about herself. Her fingers caressed the edges of the jade rose around her neck, a beautifully carved stone, remembering the day he’d given it to her, before Malcom, before […]

Covenants of Lingering Bones, Release Day.

Masquerading in the steady winds of the Autumn night, Bonnie is sure she’s seen a monster. Alice Monaghan has been entrusted with a secret, the viridescent mist is keeping one too. Something lurks in the grass, by the light of the Scorpio Moon, while Pauline walks the cemetery, row after […]

The Zombies, She’s Not There

If you’re looking for me on facebook, I am not there. I took my leave of it a couple of days ago. I will say this, it’s a kind of odd… feeling? I was a participant on facebook for seven years, that’s quite a chunk of time to be engaged […]


The other day, in promoting my vampire novel, I posted links to chapter excerpts. In reading through those excerpts again myself, I noticed places where the sentences could use tightening. I noticed places where I want to replace commas with periods. In reading one of my own stories earlier today, […]

Maybelline Raven and The Wolf.

The year is 1762. Maybelline Raven is waiting patiently along the banks of the Mississippi River for the return of her husband so they may venture north, with their children. When the people of the village begin to perish after Maybelline is attacked, it is feared that a wolf is […]

Fairy Wails

Coming soon… Fairy Wails Where is this hero Who is so oft spoke of? Where it this mythological man, Who saves the day, Who mends the heart And lights the way? Where is the hero Who wasn’t fucked up by his mother? Who melts the bitterness of betrayal? Who elevates […]