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Good to Be Home

I am home from a mini-vacation of three days at the beach. We took a trip to celebrate twenty years of marriage, and my birthday is coming up pretty quick, plus, I needed to get away for a few days. The non-stop activity of the last few months had taken its toll. I needed to… Continue reading Good to Be Home

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Ballroom Blitz, Keep Calm

Photo of a woman drinking tea after a bombing raid in London during the Blitz (no copyright infringement intended.) Link.ย  Yesterday, (when I started writing this),I purposely, and purposefully, sequestered myself from all "news" related items until the early evening. While tending to a few chores, I decided to turn on the television. About twenty… Continue reading Ballroom Blitz, Keep Calm

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A man is allowed to write about whatever he wishes to write about, and if the writing itself is good or bad, he is judged to be a good or bad writer. It does not matter what his subject is, however grim, depressing, grotesque or perverse; he is a writer. Historically, women have not been… Continue reading Latitude