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Beginner’s Luck

When they first learn to do magic, they think the power they wield is their own. The ego is a weak, insatiable, master, and some of the gods are fickle. And some of the gods are not. And some of the gods are devils. And some things are better forgotten. Only fools dare play with… Continue reading Beginner’s Luck

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The Zombies, She’s Not There

https://youtu.be/_2hXBf1DakE If you're looking for me on facebook, I am not there. I took my leave of it a couple of days ago. I will say this, it's a kind of odd... feeling? I was a participant on facebook for seven years, that's quite a chunk of time to be engaged in such timesuckage. I… Continue reading The Zombies, She’s Not There

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The other day, in promoting my vampire novel, I posted links to chapter excerpts. In reading through those excerpts again myself, I noticed places where the sentences could use tightening. I noticed places where I want to replace commas with periods. In reading one of my own stories earlier today, I found an instance where… Continue reading Undone