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South and West, Joan Didion

I've finished reading "South and West: From a Notebook" by Joan Didion. At one hundred and twenty-six pages, this was a quick read. If you've been following along you've probably gathered that I've become a fan of Joan Didion's writing. I am familiar with her cadence, her style. I often refer to her as "Saint… Continue reading South and West, Joan Didion

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End of the Summer Stuff

It is the end of the Summer. I've been doing end of the Summer stuff. I don't feel like talking about writing but, I will say that I noticed, as I was working on something, that I was essentially writing the same story over and over again. I noticed this after watching an episode of… Continue reading End of the Summer Stuff

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Some of My Favorite Fiction

Anya Seton I've read another of Anya Seton's works titled "The Turquoise" that I also really enjoyed, a story set in the southwest, and have on my to be read list "Dragonwyck", having found an old hardback copy of in a thrift store. Seton writes wonderful historical fiction, some with Gothic elements, as "Green Darkness"… Continue reading Some of My Favorite Fiction