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South and West, Joan Didion

I've finished reading "South and West: From a Notebook" by Joan Didion. At one hundred and twenty-six pages, this was a quick read. If you've been following along you've probably gathered that I've become a fan of Joan Didion's writing. I am familiar with her cadence, her style. I often refer to her as "Saint… Continue reading South and West, Joan Didion

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Keep These Sacred Cows

Keep these sacred cows, for meat, for milk, for skins, for leather jackets on a Saturday night, for cowboy boots, for moccasins, for baby shoes, and bucket seats. Keep these sacred cows, these holy hamburgers to be, for mating with bulls, so we can have, the life-sustaining cows, perpetually. Not to mention the great shrine… Continue reading Keep These Sacred Cows

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At the Gates of Tombs, by Carl Sandburg

At the Gates of Tombs by Carl Sandburg   Civilizations are set up and knocked down the same as pins in a bowling alley. Civilizations get into the garbage wagons and are hauled away the same as potato peelings or any pot scrapings. Civilizations, all the work of the artists, inventors, dreamers of work and… Continue reading At the Gates of Tombs, by Carl Sandburg

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This Strange New World

I'm considering so many things, thinking, about this strange, new, world, we've found ourselves in as we are now in the future. This is an interesting interview, this quote, talking about the 24/7 internet, etc. "...The societal question is more complex, although I think itโ€™s users themselves and not luddite abstainers like me who are… Continue reading This Strange New World

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Clean Water

So, I wouldn't call myself an "environmentalist" unless home decorating counts. I think we've got some serious issues with regard to refuse, litter, polluting our waterways and thus, our water. I'm one of those people who believes that the planet is actually "greening" and greener, that is, that there is more vegetation, more green forest… Continue reading Clean Water

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CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing Are Now One

  Okay, as mentioned, I've been busy. So I hadn't checked some of my emails. When I did get around to that, I had an email from Kindle Direct informing me that they have merged with CreateSpace, the publishing platform I've used as an indie author and privateer to publish my wares. I also use… Continue reading CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing Are Now One