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Not Quite Trivialities

I've been sick with a terrible cold for the last few days. Today I made myself get up, get dressed, get some things accomplished. I spent two days on the sofa or in bed, watching horrible television shows. I watched a bunch of crime shows until I began to get creeped out. Then I ended… Continue reading Not Quite Trivialities

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Can You Hear the Quiet?

I've been doing some serious thinking about the world lately. Can you hear the quiet? This serious thinking isn't a new thing for me. This bout of thinking began with the drug induced suicide of a rock star. I'm referring to it as drug induced because we'll never really know and the fact is that… Continue reading Can You Hear the Quiet?

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Don’t Have a Cow. I’m Sure Everything is Fine.

Okay, okay, okay, all right, alright... We had a nice Thanksgiving this year. My son had plans, as your kids often will once they become adults, so it was just me and my husband. I made a twelve and a half pound bird with the notion in mind that I wouldn't have to cook again… Continue reading Don’t Have a Cow. I’m Sure Everything is Fine.

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Standing Rock: Does This Look Like A News Story to You?

Calmly, as a matter of fact, ask yourself, Does what I see in these videos of what is currently happening at Standing Rock, look like a news story to me? Not whether or not you agree with the protestors or what is happening there, simply, does it look like a news story? Does it look… Continue reading Standing Rock: Does This Look Like A News Story to You?