Francine Crouse

Francine Crouse is an Agent of Aeternus Fidei, and a "Slick Fury." Francine Crouse was raised as a devout Catholic. At twenty years old, she seriously considered becoming a nun, it was then, however, that after witnessing a murder on the steps of the church, that she was first recruited by The Aeternus Fidei. After … Continue reading Francine Crouse

Althea Lana

Althea Lana is a witch, and part owner of The Crystal Witch bookstore. Althea Lana is in her mid to late fifties, an attractive older lady, she's kind of a hippie with too many animals, and she's a witch, who, in her lust for knowledge and power, has entangled herself with Demetri Altrani, knowing full … Continue reading Althea Lana

Russ Moreacker

Russ Moreacker is a lawyer for, and an Agent of, The Aeternus Fidei. Russ Moreacker has two very expensive suits, and both are more than a decade old. He took the job with The Agency thinking that it would look good on his resume, because Russ is all about appearances, even when he's trying to … Continue reading Russ Moreacker

Jackie Payton

Jackie Payton is an Agent of Aeternus Fidei, a true believer, and a "Slick Fury." Jackie Payton is ex-military, black ops. She wears sensible clothes, sensible shoes, and carries a sensible bag. She keeps her jet black hair cropped close, wears one pair of earrings, a simple gold cross, has no tattoos, smokes Kools, and … Continue reading Jackie Payton