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Not Quite Trivialities

I've been sick with a terrible cold for the last few days. Today I made myself get up, get dressed, get some things accomplished. I spent two days on the sofa or in bed, watching horrible television shows. I watched a bunch of crime shows until I began to get creeped out. Then I ended… Continue reading Not Quite Trivialities

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Midnight at the Starlight Deluxe

This book is a collection of short stories, flash fiction, a few poems, variations on a theme. These are stories about relationships, some are character, or lack of character, portraits, others are cautionary, observational, personal. The Starlight Deluxe, a diner, is a feature in many of these tales. Previously published pieces include 'With All the… Continue reading Midnight at the Starlight Deluxe

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Lady Liberty at the Party.

Lady Liberty at The Party So I get dressed, put on my make-up, straight seams on the stockings because I'm old enough, I know how to do this. Get carded at the liquor store on the way, which at this point means the cashier is either way younger than me, way older than me, just… Continue reading Lady Liberty at the Party.