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South and West, Joan Didion

I've finished reading "South and West: From a Notebook" by Joan Didion. At one hundred and twenty-six pages, this was a quick read. If you've been following along you've probably gathered that I've become a fan of Joan Didion's writing. I am familiar with her cadence, her style. I often refer to her as "Saint… Continue reading South and West, Joan Didion

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When Half-Gods Go

Here we are, can you believe it, going into September. Where does the time go? I'm still reading Carl Sandburg's big book of Abraham Lincoln. I've no words adequate to do it justice. There is no doubt that the United States would not still exist, our Constitution would not have been preserved, were it not… Continue reading When Half-Gods Go

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What They Didn’t Teach Us in School, Carl Sandburg, Abraham Lincoln, and the History of the United States

I am continuing my reading of "Abraham Lincoln: The Prarie Years, The War Years" by Carl Sandburg. I've decided to share some of the content of this amazing book as I go along, as well as some of my learning from it. It is an incredible book, one of the best books I've ever read… Continue reading What They Didn’t Teach Us in School, Carl Sandburg, Abraham Lincoln, and the History of the United States

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End of the Summer Stuff

It is the end of the Summer. I've been doing end of the Summer stuff. I don't feel like talking about writing but, I will say that I noticed, as I was working on something, that I was essentially writing the same story over and over again. I noticed this after watching an episode of… Continue reading End of the Summer Stuff

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There Is A Season

Let's out deep breath wishes another cup of tea would make itself and bring itself upstairs to me... It is October. Not only is it October, it is three weeks into October. We got home from a few days respite in July to a slew of home improvement projects that, for one reason or another,… Continue reading There Is A Season

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The Mysterious Duet of Green Darkness.

  Where do authors get their ideas? Solving a literary mystery. Years ago I read a book titled "Green Darkness" by author Anya Seton. It is a historical romance with a theme of reincarnation. Towards the end of the book one of the characters references a poem and gives the author of the poem as… Continue reading The Mysterious Duet of Green Darkness.

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Loyalty, Love, Lies, and Growing Up Dead In Texas.

The title of this post should also include the words, "Masterful Story Telling." My review of Growing Up Dead in Texas, by Stephen Graham Jones. If there's anyway for me to review this book without relating to you how it spoke to me, well, I don't know what that way is. In that, to me,… Continue reading Loyalty, Love, Lies, and Growing Up Dead In Texas.