You Know How To Whistle… Lauren Bacall.

 I was first introduced to Lauren Bacall by way of the silver screen when I was all of sixteen years old as she burned up the silver screen acting opposite Humphrey Bogart in Ernest Hemingway's "To Have and Have Not."  Betty, as she was known to her friends, was just nineteen years old when she … Continue reading You Know How To Whistle… Lauren Bacall.

Through Another Lens

This isn't a documentary about a photographer of New York fashion and, or, street fashion. It is a documentary about an artist, whose medium happens to be photography, a man to whom fashion is art, and that is how he photographs it. Through his lens, a world of vibrant eccentricity has been captured, cataloged, and … Continue reading Through Another Lens

Feed Your Head

  I enjoyed this profile piece about Grace Slick. Unapologetically herself.   Keep making your art. Let your art change, evolve, grow. Most of the creative people that I know, they have more than one area of creative interest and expression. And remember, what the dormouse said, "Feed your head."