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Covenants of Lingering Bones, Release Day.

Masquerading in the steady winds of the Autumn night, Bonnie is sure she's seen a monster. Alice Monaghan has been entrusted with a secret, the viridescent mist is keeping one too. Something lurks in the grass, by the light of the Scorpio Moon, while Pauline walks the cemetery, row after row, each day. Sandy Jefferson… Continue reading Covenants of Lingering Bones, Release Day.

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You bark-tweet, shout-scream, whisper-dream, some thing into the void, Clamoring for relevance for distribution to the masses the echo back that tells you your voice reached someone somewhere somehow From here in a quiet room where words play out a merry tune and out of tune relinquish themselves unto the blues the dirges from the… Continue reading Saturday

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Mr. Mercury

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kijpcUv-b8M The other day someone shared this great quote from Freddie Mercury that really spoke to me. I've found several versions of the quote.         What that means is that what he meant when he wrote whatever it was, and what the listener/reader gets out of it or interprets it as, may… Continue reading Mr. Mercury

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Through Another Lens

https://youtu.be/NYqiLJBXbss This isn't a documentary about a photographer of New York fashion and, or, street fashion. It is a documentary about an artist, whose medium happens to be photography, a man to whom fashion is art, and that is how he photographs it. Through his lens, a world of vibrant eccentricity has been captured, cataloged,… Continue reading Through Another Lens

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Grace Slick

https://youtu.be/GAiQf-jQhWI I love this profile piece on Grace Slick,Β  just being unapologetically herself. https://youtu.be/WAJJE5Wo_OY https://youtu.be/tKtJ0XTwgTE Keep making your art. Let your art change, evolve, grow. Most of the creative people that I know, they have more than one area of creative interest and expression. And remember, what the dormouse said, β€œFeed your head.”

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Shakespeare, Darlings…

It's Shakespeare, darlings, try not to screw it up. Several years ago I went on a trip with my husband and there was this guy walking around wearing a red and white t-shirt with a picture of Shakespeare on it and the caption read, "This shit writes itself." For some reason at that very moment… Continue reading Shakespeare, Darlings…

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Sunday Morning Coming Down

"I love music, any kind of music, any kind of music." Β  Β That's not completely true, there are some things that get on my nerves or that I cannot bring myself to listen to and most of those things fall into the category of screamo. Growing up in a house where there was live music… Continue reading Sunday Morning Coming Down

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A man is allowed to write about whatever he wishes to write about, and if the writing itself is good or bad, he is judged to be a good or bad writer. It does not matter what his subject is, however grim, depressing, grotesque or perverse; he is a writer. Historically, women have not been… Continue reading Latitude