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Teri Skultety

Poetess. Novelist.

Slipshod Paradise

Walls and vines of limbs, The Great Barrier Reef of my grief, You can’t get in, Searching soul, Whatever it was I sought, It has decomposed, Sickly sweet, like too much fruit fallen, From The Neglected Tree, In an overgrown garden. This slipshod paradise of thinking twice, Of doubting Eden, […]

The Female Animal

CURE: THE FEMALE ANIMAL They opened up the cage, They let it out, Set the monster free to walk about, Ignored all of the signs that “No feeding.” Pulled away a stump that won’t stop bleeding, Screaming in a panic now they swear, They didn’t even know they thing was […]


DREAMING 9-19-91 It sounded like thunder. We could see a strange, red cloud rising up in the distance. Having had only the blank landscape in front of us for hours on end, the cloud was an irresistible sight. Keep moving, I thought, stay in the Jeep. Before I had a […]


Latitude A man is allowed to write about whatever he wishes to write about and if the writing itself is good or bad, he is then judged to be a good or bad writer. It does not matter what his subject is, however grim, depressing, grotesque or perverse, he is […]


Night is falling. The light changing. Electric evening blue sliding through the trees shadowed in that way again. The way that I remember. It doesn’t matter if it is real or not. I’ll let beauty dictate dreams and wash my feet in streams of consciousness and bliss. I don’t deny […]


All the night my fingers flew, You slept alone and never knew, The dreams that I was making true, All the night my fingers flew, Up to – The Top of the World and back, Flew around each railroad track, Across the keys then stopped to crack, Get themselves all […]

Map Maker.

17th Century Map of the World   Map Maker March 2009 East of Eden, The Garden of Weedin’, Planting my seeds of deeds undone’ By everyone, I ever knew, Except for you. Except for you, Who let the roses grow, Who had no fear of snow, You, The cold meant […]

Will She Burn?

What if I cannot be all the things you seek? A shining light in all your moments bleak? What if I am not the one to hold steadfast, As you attach your billowed sail unto my mast, What if I am fragile like thin glass? The potion that I hold […]