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The Slick Furies

Have you got your copy of the THE SLICK FURIES? It's the most kickass, badass, amazing, vampire novel that ever lived. I don't think you should wait for Christmas. This is the perfect novel for all the rainy days left of spring, and, especially, for all your summer vacation reading. You'll laugh, you'll cry, well,… Continue reading The Slick Furies

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An Excerpt, Chapter Thirty-Two of The Slick Furies

    Chapter Thirty-Two Talessia grabbed a cup of coffee at the little service station two miles up the road from the motel and buttoned her blouse straight. She had become too familiar with these places, the broken neon of the Chateau Devane, the gas station, its two pumps centered in the gravel parking lot,… Continue reading An Excerpt, Chapter Thirty-Two of The Slick Furies

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An Unraveled Hem, Joan Didion

I've kept some kind of a notebook, or journal, since junior high. Thankfully, the majority of them have gone the way of the wind. I suppose that's a nice way of saying that I destroyed them at one time or another. I recall erasing every word one January, in some other life a million years… Continue reading An Unraveled Hem, Joan Didion

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The Origins and Mythology of Red Line Wine, Some Relics and Memorabilia

I'm not necessarily particularly fond of sharing too much in the way of personal anecdotes with regard to story origins, idea origins, inspirations. I think that there was, or is, a certain age where there's kind of a momentary reveling in the adventures or exploits of one's youth as such, where we tell those stories,… Continue reading The Origins and Mythology of Red Line Wine, Some Relics and Memorabilia

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Pull Together America

So, it has only been a week since I posted anything, it's felt like longer. Today President Trump signed an executive order the gist of which is that the Dakota Access Pipeline is going through. My opinion, I continue to think that it would be smarter to re-route the pipeline. However, here is where it's… Continue reading Pull Together America

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Grain, Available Now!

Nineteen Stories 1. DRIVEย  ~ย  Trying to get home 2. The Fine Art of Being Human ~ infidelity, the delicate workings of forgiveness 3. HUSH ~ a robbery gone wrong and a doctor trying to quit 4. THE NEED ~ a desperate love 5. Antares Lariat ~ lassoing stars to try to pay the bills… Continue reading Grain, Available Now!

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Carrie Fisher. Resilience. The New Modern. How to Be Yourself.

Last night I watched the HBO sort of documentary, it was more personal than that, "Bright Lights," about Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher. It was an exceptionally well done, intimate, revealing, glimpse into the lives of these two enigmatic, iconic, stars. That sounds canned. I grew up watching old movies, was a fan of the… Continue reading Carrie Fisher. Resilience. The New Modern. How to Be Yourself.